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"Alles over olijven" tour "All about olives" tour

All about olives and tasting tour 

About us

Between the monte Cimini and the foot of the San Pancratio mountain in the hamlet of Poggiolo, lies the olive grove of Vista sull'oliveto. This estate is surrounded by 727 olive trees of 45 years old with 6 different olive varieties; ascolana, leccino, pendolino, maurino, frantoio and carboncella. About 75% is the ascolana. The blend of these different olives gives the unique flavor to our olive oil, PoggiOlio. In the late 1990 s, the olive oil that was produced here was on the list of the 100 best organic olive oils in the world.

Unfortunately, the olive grove was completely neglected when we arrived here in May 2011.

The olive grove was overgrown with blackberries and hedera. The height of the trees was 12 meters.  For 15 years, the olive grove had not been taken care off. 

Deadly sin, of course. We have therefore started to revitalize the olive grove.

In 2011 we started this huge job. We conquer the blackberries in 2012. With only a hedge trimmer and a rake, we have removed 5 hectares of blackberries. Unfortunately we have no machines that can take the work out of our hands.

In January 2013 we started shorten the trees. The olive trees were so high that after shortening only one trunk and some empty branches remained. Due to the rigorous "pruning", the olive trees will only be fully productive again,  after 5 years.

Our current yield is currently very minimal, but of excellent quality.

In the meantime, 340 olive trees have been shortened to a normal height and all olive trees have been pruned. In 2021 we hope to have done all the work. We are therefore working hard to restore the olive grove to its former glory and be fully productive again.
In order to realize all this, we have started an adoption project.

All about olives and tasting tour 

Guided tour of 1 hour 'Everything about olives'

In this tour you will learn what it takes to produce a good olive oil. We explain everything about the maintenance of the olive grove, the picking, the pressing of olives and then we will teach you how to taste olive oil.

Making an excellent extra virgin olive oil depends on many factors. It is not only the kind of olive that makes a superior extra vergine olive oil. Of importance is also the maintenance of the forest, the way of picking olives, the way in which the olives are stored, the process in the olive mill. Every step is important.

That is why we start this tour in our organic olive grove. Here we will tell you everything about the maintenance of an olive grove, the types of olives and trees, the enemies of the olives, and so on. Then we show you the tools that we use to pick the olives and show you how to do it.

Then we go back upstairs, where we show you a video about the picking of the olives and how the olives were pressed. We explain the process of pressing olives.

Than it will be time to taste olive oil.
We will teach you how to do this and explain what you can taste; what is good and what is bad.

After this tour you got the opportunity to buy our extra virgin olive oil PoggiOlio, 100% organic.


Your guide at this tour is Heleen. 

She is the owner of this olive grove and has follewed a studie of Sommelier of extra vergine olive oil.

She can explain you everything about olives.

Dates and prices

You can book this tour the whole year round, but at least 1 day in advance.

We organise this tour from monday till saterday,  at 11.00 u and at 13.30 u. Sunday at 14.30u  and at 16.00u  
The price is € 15,00 p.p.  ( We except only cash) 

If you want to book this tour you only have to send us an email.

Tell us: 

Your name
Date you want to come
The time you prefer
and the 
number of participants


We will answer you as soon as possible. 

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